Manufacturing Process:


Sunland Aerospace Fasteners has all the necessary equipment to insure Efficiency, Productivity and Quality product ships under the strictest Aerospace Standards. At SAF we produce Fasteners in the range of 10/32 up to ¾” Diameter.


Cut Off:


Impact Cut off Saw Fully Automated holding tolerances of +/-.001. Capacity up to 1” using coolant and Aluminum oxide Bonded wheel. There is also a Roto Finish Gemini 4 tumbler to remove the burrs which has the Auto Separator which reduces man hours for increased Efficiency.




Hot Heading:


Hot heading currently has two Punch presses which include the following: 60 Ton Bliss and a 110 Ton Aida. Both equipped with their own Spring head for the 12Pt Spline and 12 Pt Double hex Fasteners. The capacity of the Punch presses keep us below the maximum diameter formed here at SAF ¾” . Both presses are equipped with the latest Technology 25 KW Solid State induction heaters for accurate temperature and soak time.


CNC Secondary:


HAAS SL-10 has been a proven CNC machine for us at SAF. These units perform on a daily basis with minimal maintenance and proper trained personal we can CNCN Machine the typical Secondary operations, Under Cuts, Drill & Tap. All Programs are designated on the router to insure traceability during our production runs.


CenterLess Grind:



Cincinnati Centerless grinders have been our choice for grinding close tolerance Fasteners for decades. Currently we have two complete rebuild from Interstate Machinery to insure the functionality and efficiency last for another decade. The capacity of the machine far exceeds the Fasteners within our Scope. SAF can grind tolerances of +/-.0001 and lengths up to 8”. Standard tolerances are +/-.0002.


Thread Rolling/ Fillet Rolling



SAF has the following machines available to run fully automatic for larger runs or hand feed for the short runs or larger diameters. Our Fleet of Thread Rollers consist of #20 Waterbury Automatic, #40 Waterbury Hand Feed, and an A-22 Reed for the larger diameters up to ¾”. We also have a newly built Fillet Roll machine which can easily Roll ¾” Diameter Inconel 718



Tooling Department:


It is the Heart beat of the Company to have a complete tooling department with all the required machines to support every process in the shop. SAF can support every process which saves not only money but time which is key to insure Delivery is kept. The department consist of Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Mills, Lathes, Hones, and Surface Grinders. Not to Mention Tool & die maker with over 30 Years’ experience in the Aerospace Manufacturing community.


Laboratory/ Mechanical Testing


SAF knew moving into today’s market having a fully functional lab with the right support equipment was vital to it success. SAF has the following to support our products and insure product is in Conformance to the required Standards.

The Lab has an Abrasive Meta Cut 1000 to cut off the specimens, Mounting, Polishing, Rockwell Hardness testing for verification of Hardness after Heat Treating. The Mechanical side SAF has purchased completely rebuilt Fatigue and Tensile/ Double Shear units. The Fatigue is a MTS 810 55 KIP with the latest Software upgrade along with the Instron 120 HVL with the latest Quattro Software to insure accuracy. All equipment has been Calibrated and meets the required Standards.

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